Biology Education Resource Guide

Biology encompasses dozens of branches of other sciences such as virology, paleontology and anatomy, which all rely on the fundamental principles of this wide-ranging science. With advancements in biology and its extending branches, areas such as genetic testing, disease studies and medication efficacy are constantly evolving for the better. Within this guide, find 40 links that offer insights into the world of biology. Whether you’re looking for the history of biology, study tips or aids, a blog to bookmark or a podcast to tune in to, you can find what you need here.


General Biology Education Resources

Check out these general resource links to view bios of famous biologists, read jokes to learn a bit of biology, study a comprehensive timeline of biological discoveries and more.

UCMP History of Biology List – This alphabetically organized list of bios for prominent biologists and paleontologists from history is maintained by the University Of California Museum Of Paleontology.

Biodidac – View various digital images related to organismal, human and histology subjects in biology.

Branches of Biology – A three-page listing of the branches of biology, complete with definitions of each branch.

Comprehensive Timeline of Biological Discoveries – A list that includes biological discoveries from 500 B.C. to the 21st century – from the discovery of zoology to the creation of the first animal clone.

Biology Jokes – From Jupiter Scientific comes this list of biology jokes. You can also link to explanations that explain the science behind the joke.


Biology Study Resources

Browse the following links to brush up on your biology knowledge with related study guides, slide shows, handouts and study tips customized for biology students.

Biology 101 – Find lecture notes, handouts and study guides for basic biology concepts.

Biology 101 Study Guide – Find the basic themes, theories and concepts of biology in this guide, including evolution, the scientific method and hierarchy levels of organization.

Study Tips for Biology Classes – Discover strategies specially geared for students who are taking biology classes.

Tips for Learning to Study Biology: Conceptual Frameworks  – This resource teaches students how to study biology via the use of conceptual frameworks rather than using rote memorization techniques.

Mrs. Giannico’s Site – This site offers more than 30 biology-related PowerPoint slide shows.


Biology Practice Tests and Quizzes

Prepping for an upcoming quiz or exam is easier if you have various resources to allow you to practice answering challenging questions. Check out the following links for the extra practice you need.

Biology Junction – More than 45 high-quality practice quizzes can be found here. Choose a quiz, answer the questions online and submit to get instant answers.

GRE Biology Test Practice Book  – Find one full-length Graduate Record Exam (GRE) practice test and a wealth of test-taking strategies.

General Biology Practice Tests – Follow this link to find printer-friendly general biology practice tests to help you review or study for an upcoming exam.

Barron’s Online AP Biology Practice Test – Barron’s provides a free practice test that mirrors the format of the current AP test. It has a timed or untimed mode. In the untimed mode, you can see answer explanations as you take the test.


Biology Games and Simulations

No matter your learning style, these entertaining and educational biology games and simulations are sure to help you perfect or expand your knowledge base.

Ask a Biologist: Games and Simulations – Discover entertaining and educational biology-based games and simulations, such as a beetle dissection tool and a thermodynamics game.

Biology Animation Library – From the DNA Learning Center come these animated tutorials of DNA-related topics, such as fingerprinting.

DNA Workshop Activity – Get in the middle of action with this activity that puts you within a cell and allows you to experience an up-close look at DNA replication and protein synthesis.

Biology Simulations – Find 21 interactive simulations that will help you understand various biological concepts. Simulations include molecular motors and stretching DNA.

Bioman Biology – Find free educational games, review games, virtual labs and online quizzes to help you learn about various topics in biology.


Biology Teaching Resources

Good teaching practices rely on utilizing relevant, high-quality resources whenever possible. Browse the following links to find some of the best online, biology-related material out there.

The Biology Corner – Whether you need lesson plans or ready-made quizzes, labs or web quests, The Biology Corner is your go-to resource site.

Ask a Biologist – This teacher toolbox can help biology teachers find entertaining and educational resources. Quick links and a search feature are available.

NOAA Ocean Explorer Modules and Lessons – Find hundreds of lesson plans, as well as instructional units, handouts, multimedia resources and assessments for middle and high school students.

Ocean Adventures in the Classroom – Designed for middle-school students, these activities from Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Adventures PBS program focus on topics such as ecosystems and animal adaptations.

Brain POP Movies – Find links to over 30 biology-based animated movies starring Tim and Moby that combine entertainment value and education for elementary and middle school students.

The Teacher’s Guide – Biology lesson plans for elementary to high school students live here. Browse the plentiful links to discover something useful.

Bio Ed Online – This site, prepared by the Baylor University School of Medicine, offers streaming video presentations, a searchable, downloadable slide library, individual lessons and much more.

Bio Interactive – Discover award-winning multimedia resources, which include short films, virtual labs, click-and- learns, classroom activities and teacher’s guides targeted primarily for high school students.


Biology Blogs

Whether you want to be entertained by bizarre biology topics or you’re seeking to understand some of the more difficult concepts within the subject, check out the links below.

The Biology Blog – Get easily digestible news, articles and helpful tips concerning molecular/cell biology and evolutionary medicine topics.

Basic Biology – Discover over 130 biology-related articles on this website that were created and posted by Adam Purcell. During his undergraduate studies, Purcell saw a lack of high-quality, informative, basic biology websites, so he created his own.

Simplified Biology – Ramneet Kaur, professor of biology, designed this website to utilize her 30 years of teaching experience as way to make difficult biology concepts simple to understand for students interested in attending medical school.

Strange Biology – Interested in the weird side of biology? Check out this site to get your fill of mutants, mad science and more.


Biology Podcasts

From age-old topics such as evolution to current, cutting-edge news, these biology podcasts offer something for all listeners.

This Week in Microbiology – This podcast hosted by Vincent Racaniello and friends strives to make the topic of microbes easily understandable to everyone – no matter what their level of science education.

This Week in Science – Get cutting-edge science news in this weekly podcast that presents topics mixed with humor and strong opinions.

This Week in Virology – Interested in all things related to viruses? Listen to various virologists as they engage in educational, informal conversations that are easy to digest.

Natural Selections – Every Thursday, enjoy conversations with Dr. Curt Stager and Martha Foley about the natural world.

Origin Stories – This podcast attempts to answer the question of why the human species has evolved so differently from other primates. Could it be the way we process our food?


Additional Biology Publications

If getting your biology fix within the pages of a journal sounds compelling, check out these readily available publications.

BMC BiologyBMC Biology, the flagship biology journal of the BMC series, offers research articles, reviews, a question and answer section and more.

PLOS Biology – This publication features primary research articles, meta-research articles, essays, perspectives and unsolved mysteries.

Biology Open – A journal for peer-reviewed original research that contains scientifically sound observations and valid conclusions.

Journal of Experimental Biology – Launched in 1923, this leading primary research journal in comparative physiology appeals to those interested in molecular, cellular and organismal physiology in both an evolutionary and environmental contexts.