Chemistry Education Resource Guide

Comprehensive Learning Guide for Students and Teachers


From the products you use every day (plastic, for instance) to the biological processes going on in your own body, chemistry – and chemical reactions – is ever-present. So knowing about chemistry (even just the basics) is a good idea. And that’s why we put together this guide, which includes links to some 40 individual resources. Within you’ll find chemistry study resources and chemistry teaching resources, as well as links to great blogs, journals, podcasts and a whole lot more. Whether you’re a student of chemistry, a teacher or you just want to know why vinegar causes baking soda to fizz, you’ll find something of value here.

General Chemistry Education Resources

This section is for those interested in learning more about chemistry without getting into the more complex side of the subject. The general resources below can aid you in understanding the history and basics of chemistry as well as offer some interesting trivia.

General and Applied Areas of Chemistry

Learn more about the general categories of chemistry study and areas that offer careers for those who have chemistry-based education.

Basic Chemistry Information

Interested in basic chemistry principles? This lesson has several pages that address the following topics: atoms and ions, chemical bonding, acids and bases, organic compounds, carbs, lipids, proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids.

History of Chemistry

Study this timeline to learn about the long history of chemistry, which dates back to prehistoric times. The time periods are divided into four categories: black magic, alchemy, traditional chemistry and modern chemistry.

Interactive Periodic Table

Find basic information, atomic structure, isotopes and other related facts for each element through the links on this periodic table.

The Harnessed Atom

This 82-page guide is a convenient reference for examining the various states and forms of energy as well as the origins of energy.

A List of Nobel Prizes Won in Chemistry

The Nobel Prize in chemistry has been bestowed upon more than 170 individuals. Find out who those people are and which one received the Nobel Prize in chemistry more than once.

On This Day in Chemistry

Select a date from January 1st to December 31st on this interactive calendar to discover what happened on that particular day in the world of chemistry.

Yale Open Courses – Department of Chemistry

Audit Yale courses in freshman organic chemistry from the comfort of your own computer.

Chemistry Study Resources

Whether you’re preparing for an exam, engaging in a course of self-study or looking for supplemental materials related to chemistry to aid in learning concepts, the links in the section have you covered.

Graduate Record Exam Chemistry Test Practice Book

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is a standardized test that’s often required for admission to graduate school. Utilize this PDF guide to learn more about the GRE Chemistry test and test- taking strategies. There’s also a full-length practice test with answer key to help you gauge your readiness for the real exam.

Fundamentals of Chemistry Course

A free, online course for anyone who wants to learn or review basic chemistry topics such as atoms and molecules, the pH scale and the periodic table.

General Chemistry Online

Appropriate for high school or undergraduate college-level students, this site has an extensive resource section with sections for notes, a chemistry exam guide, answers to questions about chemistry, tutorials, and more.

Chemistry I Virtual Textbook

From Steve Lower of Simon Fraser University comes this reference text based on General Chemistry. Lower recommends this virtual book for advanced high school students or first-year college students as a way to supplement or replace the conventional chemistry textbook.

Knowledge Door

Brothers Dan and Dean Linder, who founded this site, describe it as “an excellent compendium of chemistry and science-related data” that’s convenient to use. They recommend their site for every student who is serious about chemistry.

How to Pass Chemistry

Dr. Brenna E. Lorenz, from the Division of Natural Sciences at the University of Guam, offers advice in relation to chemistry classes regarding attitude, attendance, how to study and common traps to avoid.


Chemtutor can be used as a review or a course of independent study for students taking chemistry at the high school or basic college level. Please note that no personal or online tutoring is available on this site.

Science Help Online

Chemistry teacher Greg Curran offers lessons, worksheets and review materials related to chemistry for student use. Lessons were written by Curran, and most supporting materials were created by students.

Chemistry Teaching Resources

Avoid hours of prep time when you want to spice up your teaching. Easily add dimension to lessons and units by utilizing these chemistry teaching resources links. Find ready-to-use lessons, labs, worksheets, videos, quizzes, handouts and more.


For more than 20 years, has been providing basic chemistry assistance and information to kids and adults alike via information pages, pictures, videos, quizzes and related links. Topics covered include matter, atoms, reactions, elements, biochemistry and the periodic table.

Chemical of the Week

Knowing the uses, properties, benefits and safety concerns regarding specific chemicals is helpful to anyone who experiments with them. This site currently offers information on 35 chemicals ranging from Acetic Acid to Uranium.

Lesson Plan for Balancing Equations

Need help teaching balancing equations to your high school students? Teacher Sulan Dun recognized that students have difficulty with this concept because of the amount of abstract reasoning involved. Dun designed this lesson plan to use an online app that makes the abstract reasoning concrete for students and helps them master balancing equations quite quickly.

The Science Spot

This site contains science resources most appropriate for junior high teachers. Find printable and Web-based lessons, complete with links to worksheets, notes and slide presentations.

The Cavalcade o’ Teaching

Intended to be a general resource for chemistry teachers, find labs, resource collections, worksheets and handouts from teacher Ian Guch on this site. The site also offers helpful tips for new teachers.

Chemistry Notes Presentations

Chemistry notes, safety rules and classroom rules and procedures are presented here in three different formats for the user’s convenience: PowerPoint, html or Acrobat Reader.

Evan’s Chemistry Corner

Science teacher and textbook author Evan Silberstein offers a multitude of chemistry resources for high school teachers. Resources include, lessons, labs, worksheets and helpful links.

Chemistry Journals

Browse the links below to discover research and review related to various topics in chemistry. All information is shared freely in the hopes to diffuse chemistry knowledge as widely as possible.

Advances in Biological Chemistry

Enjoy open access to articles within this international journal that range from 2011-2016. Articles cover the latest advances and developments in the various areas of biological chemistry.

Journal of Chemistry

Founded by Professor N.A. Mohamed Farook, this peer-reviewed, open access journal publishes original research and review articles on all aspects of chemistry.

Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry

Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research as well as review articles in all areas of analytical chemistry.

The Open Chemical Engineering Journal

The Open Chemical Engineering Journal is an open access, online journal that publishes research articles, reviews, letters and other single topic issues in the realm of chemical engineering.

The Open Medicinal Chemistry Journal

The Open Medicinal Chemistry Journal covers all areas of medicinal chemistry by publishing original research and expert reviews in an open access format.

Chemistry Blogs

From safety topics to the most current research and news, quickly find a quality chemistry blog below that will meet your information needs.

The Sceptical Chymist

A lively discussion of the latest research and news in chemistry takes place on this blog hosted by the editors of Nature Chemistry. Readers can easily locate posts of interest by topic and category.

Chemistry Blog

This blog, managed by 16 bloggers in the field of chemistry, offers plenty of useful chemistry-related information, advice and links for professors, researchers and graduate students.

Compound Interest

Andy Brunning, a chemistry teacher in the UK, created this blog to examine the chemical compounds we come in contact with daily. Graphics created by Brunning are included on the site for educational purposes.

The Chronicle Flask

With a hint of skepticism, Dr. Kat Day, Ph.D. authors this blog. Day has over 10 years of experience as a chemistry teacher and felt compelled to create a blog about chemistry due to her belief that this branch of science is often overlooked in favor of biology and physics.

The Safety Zone

Aptly named, The Safety Zone blog covers topics regarding chemical safety in labs in various settings and also offers a forum for discussing lab and plant safety.

Chemistry Podcasts

From a child-friendly podcast to one in lecture format, this list has something for everyone who enjoys chemistry-related information delivered via audio.

Introduction to Quantum Chemistry

Podcasts in lecture format are delivered by Michelle Francl, Ph.D. Francl obtains her talking points from the introductory physical chemistry course she teaches at Bryn Mawr College.

Chemistry World Podcasts

Three podcasts are available covering stories, news, interviews and commentary on different topics in the world of chemistry.


Robert D. Hicks hosts this weekly podcast that covers historical extracts of chemistry as well as present and future ones. Enjoy interviews, monologues and more.

Bytesize Science

This weekly, child-friendly podcast offers listeners an entertaining and informative format to deliver stories about scientific discoveries in the areas of medicine, energy, food and more.

Analytical Chemistry Podcasts

This monthly podcast discusses feature articles published in Analytical Chemistry. When visiting this link, check out the opportunity to submit your chemistry-related questions to top researchers in the field for use in upcoming podcasts.