Physics Education Resource Guide

Physics is the considered the most fundamental of all sciences. This is because its concepts, such as force, motion and electromagnetism, serve as a basis for our understanding of other sciences, such as chemistry. Even in its basic nature, physics has the power to blow our minds with concepts like dark matter and relativity. Explore this guide, with some 40 valuable links, to find physics resources that can help you learn about famous physicists via primary sources, prep for an upcoming quiz or exam, design lessons, play games or learn from experts in the field about current and exciting news and research.

General Physics Education Resources

Check out these general resource links to view a physics timeline, investigate primary resources based on scientific discoveries and more.

A Century of Physics Timeline – From the American Physical Society comes this detailed physics timeline from 1896 to 2010.

Physics by Aristotle – Written in 350 B.C.E. and translated by R. P. Hardie and R. K. Gaye, this work by Aristotle is divided in eight downloadable sections.

American Institute of Physics Exhibits – A high-quality resource that’s perfect for viewing primary resources online, which are based on famous scientists such as Curie, Einstein and Heisenberg.

Important Scientists – Browse bios of various physicists and astronomers, particularly those who have made contributions to quantum theory, relativity and astrophysics.

Contributions of 20th-Century Women to Physics – Find links to primary sources, such as the original papers that chronicle the physics-related discoveries of 83 important women. Other available documents include historical essays. Nobel – Since 1901, the Nobel Prize has been awarded to people and organizations. Check out physics prize-related links such as those given for semiconductors and relativity.

Physics Study Resources

Whether you’re struggling with applying what you’ve learned in class or you’re curious about what a career in physics has to offer, the following resources can deliver.

How to Study Physics – Utilize this helpful pamphlet to help you understand the underlying principles of physics, which will aid you in applying knowledge and solving physics problems.

Study Tips: Physics – From the University of Rhode Island comes this guide detailing study tips for students taking physics courses. Included are mistakes to avoid, getting the most out of your physics book and defeating the math barrier.

How to Pass a High School Physics Exam – Check out this well-written article by Linda Crampton, high school science teacher. She details helpful strategies that can benefit any high school physics student.

Online Physics Courses – Free undergraduate physics courses from MIT, which include lectures, notes, exams and solutions – perfect for a self-study option or to brush up on your physics knowledge.

Solving Problems in Physics – This informative guide breaks down the process of solving physics problems into three stages: design a strategy, execute the strategy and check resulting answers.

Ask a Physicist – High school physics students can connect in an online forum with people holding at least a B.S. in physics. Students typically ask questions about education, career paths, projects and a physicist’s life in general.

Physics Teaching Resources

While physics is a science, there’s an art to teaching it. Take advantage of the following links to help you deliver your best instruction.

American Association of Physics Teachers: Teaching Resources – Find plenty of links to high-quality resources for physics teachers, such as videos, articles and posters.

Sim Physics – From the Institute of Physics, four interactive games to help 13-16 year olds understand energy and space.

AP Physics – Teacher Dolores Gende’s personal page offers a plethora of resources for advanced placement physics students, such as labs and projects.

Socratic Dialog-Inducing (SDI) Labs – This site provides links to inquiry-based, hands-on labs in mechanics.

Physics Practice Tests and Quizzes

If you’re struggling with physics, needing to prepare for a big exam or just like working through problems, the following resources offer you a chance to gain some physics-based knowledge and test-taking skills.

10 Physics Practice Quizzes – Follow this link and find ten free quizzes based on various physics concepts such as Newton’s Law, atomic nature of matter and magnetism.

Physics Questions – A set of physics questions with a multiple-choice answer format. Correct answers are provided.

Graduate Record Examinations Physics Test Practice Book – This book, from the Educational Testing Service, has all the information you need regarding the Physics GRE, including a 100-question practice exam and scoring instructions.

Physics Test – A 29-question test based on the concepts of work, power and energy. The test includes an answer key.

Physics 101 Sample Test Questions – Use these 101 test questions as study resource initially. Then, take the exam and score your answers.  

Physics Games and Simulations

Not all learning in physics has to be based on solving pencil-to-paper problems. Give your mind a new challenge by trying out a few of the following physics games or simulations.


Physics Games – Try out four addictive physics games that you can play instantly online. No downloading necessary.

Online Physics-Based Games – Enjoy a variety of physics-based games in the projectile, demolition and stacking categories.

Mr. – This site offers simulations and games that cover forces and the laws of motion, gravity, projectile motion and much more.

CK-12 Physics Simulations – Discover a variety of physics simulations that you can use to help you understand the laws of physics.

Physics Podcasts

Explore the greatest mysteries of the universe with an astrophysicist, or witness physics conversations between some of the most brilliant minds of our time whether you’re on the go or just relaxing.

The Titanium Physicists Podcast – Join Dr. Ben Tippet’s Titanium Physicists and their guests for fun and fascinating conversations about high-level physics concepts and phenomena.

Ask a Spaceman – Consider astrophysicist Paul Sutter your guide to the mysteries of universe. His goal is to help listeners achieve a higher level of knowledge regarding time and space.

StarTalk – Astrophysicist and director of the Hayden Planetarium, Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts this weekly podcast that’s as entertaining as it is information. Check it out for topics such as quantum physics, space travel and interviews with celebrity guests. University of Oxford

Physics Podcasts – Enjoy a front-row seat to physics lectures by some of the world’s top experts, which are part of the Oxford University’s Open Education movement. Quantum Lifetime – Not only about quantum physics, this podcast explores other topics such as consciousness.

Physics Blogs

Dive into the world of physics and physicists via one of these interesting blogs. From lighter, surface topics to more insightful musings, there’s plenty to choose from.

Dot Physics – Curious about how physics colors our everyday lives? Join host Rhet Allain as he investigates this topic.

Quantum Diaries – A project that offers a look into the life of diverse cross-section of physicists who write about their personal lives and professional pursuits.

Not Even Wrong – This blog, created and maintained since 2004 by Peter Woit, who holds a Ph.D. in particle theory and postdocs in mathematics and physics, has over 1000 posts to offer readers. Posts are based on various topics in physics and math.

Ask a Mathematician/Ask a Physicist  – Reader’s math and physics questions are answered here by a host of mathematicians and physicists.

Backreaction – Sabine Hossenfelder, theoretical physicist, maintains this blog and writes about her research interests, which include physics beyond the standard model, phenomenological quantum gravity, and modifications of general relativity.

Physics Publications

If the latest physics-related news and commentary are central to your existence, check out these publications.

Physics Today – As the most influential physics magazine, Physics Todayseeks to provide valuable feature articles, analytical news coverage and commentary, information on innovative research and much more.

The SPS Observer – Enjoy full-color PDF issues of The SPS Observer. This publication serves as the quarterly magazine of the Society of Physics Students and contains feature articles, advice, physics problems and more.

Physics – If you want a resource that gives you streamlined, easy-to-digest information relating to physics research, Physics is perfect. Enjoy daily online news and commentary.

New Journal of Physics – This open-access journal offers topics spanning the entire spectrum of physics and incorporating various forms of research.