Catching the Dream

American Academy of Nursing Invites Applications For IOM Nurse Scholar-In-Residence Award is a year-long a year-long residential leadership opportunity in health policy in Washington, D.C. It is offered as an immersion experience for nurses who are leaders. Applicants must have a prominent role in health policy development at the national level.

Key Information

Eligibility Requirements

  • Financial Need:
    Not Mentioned
  • Major/Career:
    Applicants must be a nurse scholars and nurse policy experts.
  • Organization:
    Applicants must have a membership in the Academy required and in the IOM preferred Congruence of health policy interest with the priorities of IOM and the Academy.
  • Miscellaneous:
    Applicants must meet the following criteria: Personal potential for future contributions to health policy; Commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration; Notable record of professional achievements that apply to Scholars proposed project area; Understanding of the importance of networking within the health policy community, identifying opportunities for nurse-leader engagement, and communication of those interactions and opportunities to sponsors; The major project while a scholar in the program must include: A self-initiated study with policy consequences that builds on a current IOM initiative; Direct interaction with Academy, ANA and ANF staff and volunteers.
  • Other Benefits:
    Awardees will also receive up to $5,000 for related expenses; an office at IOM with appropriate technology support (e.g., computer, phone, access to a printer, access to software programs and library resources); and an intensive two-month orientation in federal health policy formation coordinated by IOM.

Application Details

  • Transcript:
    Not required
  • Resume/Activity List:
  • Essay:
    A proposal (no more than five pages) describing how the applicants project dovetails with IOM initiatives and Academy, ANA or ANF priorities, specific goals for the experience that will address some identified gap in knowledge, actions that will be undertaken to achieve those goals, publishable outcome(s) to be expected by the end of the program, and a proposed time table for the plan of study.
  • Other Materials:
    Application must include: A cover letter which should include:Information that complements the CV about the applicants interdisciplinary experiences, policy interests, and ability to complete the project and produce a policy-relevant paper.A statement of full-time commitment to the program.The names and addresses, including e-mail addresses, of two individuals who can speak to the applicants previous achievements, interdisciplinary and policy experiences, and ability to complete the project.

Contact Information