K. Robert Ehrman Vocational Scholarship

Adams County Community Foundation

This scholarship is issued through the Wells County Foundation. Applications are accepted at the Adams County Community Foundation (ACCF). It was created to provide assistance to graduating senior high school of Adams County and Wells County who are planning to attend an accredited college to earn a vocational / 2 year-degree.

Key Information

Eligibility Requirements

  • Age/Grade Level:
    Must be a graduating senior high school
  • Financial Need:
  • Other Academic Requirements:
    SAT Score
  • Residence:
    Must be a resident of Adams County
  • School:
    Must be a graduating senior from an accredited high school in Adams County
  • College:
    Must plan to attend an accredited college to earn a vocational / 2 year-degree

Application Details

  • Transcript:
    Not required
  • Resume/Activity List:
  • Essay:
    Have you been subjected to documented disciplinary action at school or been involved in court proceedings or are you currently subject to disciplinary action being taken at school or in court proceedings? (If applicable, please attach this page to the very back of your packet.) If so, briefly explain this incident on a separate piece of paper and attach this page to the very back of your application. The committee will focus on the second paragraph/part of this page; what life lesson did you learn from this misjudgement?; why do you want to continue your education? (and) What draws you to this area of study?; Select the achievement you consider to be your most outstanding and describe why; what have you learned from your community service experience?; What author, book, or movie would you recommend to a friend and why?; What is the best advice you ever received and how did it help you?; If you could follow any career choice and not worry about earning a living, what would it be and why; It is not uncommon for an individual to use poor judgment or engage in a youthful indiscretion. Please give a personal example of a misjudgment/indiscretion and the lesson learned.
  • Recommendation Letters:
    Two letters of recommendation - one from student's school administrator or teacher and one from student's choice (non-relative)
  • Other Materials:
    Authorization Page

Contact Information