SWRC College & Graduate School Scholarship

Korean-American Scholarship Foundation - Western Region

SWRC College & Graduate School Scholarship is provided to students who are full-time undergraduate or graduate student. The applicants must be of Korean heritage who are students in the United States.

Key Information

Eligibility Requirements

  • Age/Grade Level:
    Applicant must be an undergraduate or graduate student.
  • Minimum GPA:
  • Financial Need:
  • Other Academic Requirements:
    Applicants must be a full-time student.
  • Residence:
    Students who reside, or will reside, in the US on the school year of application (or US Citizens or foreign nationals) can apply.
  • Citizenship:
    Students who are US Citizens or foreign nationals (or reside, or will reside, in the US on the school year of application) can apply.
  • Ethnicity:
    The applicants must be of Korean heritage.

Application Details

  • Judging Criteria:
    Our evaluation criteria are based on the following: (The breakdown percentage of the evaluation criteria is a suggested guideline. Each region may apply a different percentage for each criteria). * Financial need - 40% * Scholastic achievement -25% * Recommendations - 10% * Essay - 10% * Extracurricular activities - 10% * Extra Credit for standing out or having extraordinary circumstances - 5%
  • Transcript:
  • Resume/Activity List:
  • Essay:
    Please provide an essay 800 words or less responding to either ONE of the following questions: Please describe how you have demonstrated leadership ability both in and out of school.Please describe some challenges you have faced, how you resolved them, and how they have shaped who you are today.
  • Recommendation Letters:
    You must provide recommendations from two faculty members who best know your academic qualifications, including your academic performance, potential, and motivation. You also have the option to provide one non-faculty person who has known you for more than two years. This is optional but it may provide you with extra points. For graduate or college students who took a break between studies, you can submit recommendations from one faculty and one non-faculty as the Faculty Recommendation #2.
  • Other Materials:
    College senior applicants must submit a letter of acceptance from the graduate or professional school.Applicants must also provide the following: Your application will not be deemed complete unless you provide: (i) the completed the Estimated Income and Estimated Expenses sections below and complete other requirements of this application; (ii) an official FAFSA result (Student Aid Report - SAR) if you are a US citizen or Permanent Resident; (iii) a personal financial statement if you are an international student, and (iv) copies of (a) your parents tax returns officially filed with the federal and state tax authorities in the past year, and (b) yours if youve filed a tax return for the past year (please submit all pages of your parents and your tax returns).

Contact Information