Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship

ASPRS, The Imaging and Geospatial Information Society

The scholarship is for upper-division college students that want to pursue in surveying and photogrammetry leading to a career in the geospatial mapping.

Key Information

Eligibility Requirements

  • Age/Grade Level:
    Open to undergraduate and graduate students
  • Financial Need:
    Not Mentioned
  • College:
    The student must be intending to enroll or enrolled in a college or university in the United States or Canada
  • Major/Career:
    Applicant must be pursuing a course of study in surveying and photogrammetry leading to a career in the geospatial mapping profession
  • Other Benefits:
    The student can also receive a certificate and a one-year student or associate membership (new or renewal) in ASPRS.

Application Details

  • Transcript:
  • Resume/Activity List:
    Not required
  • Essay:
    A statement, not to exceed 2 pages, detailing the applicants educational and/or research goals that relate to the advancement of surveying and photogrammetry and other related geospatial information technologies and the applications of these technologies and the applicants long-term professional career goals.
  • Recommendation Letters:
    Two letters of recommendation from faculty members or professionals having knowledge of the applicants capabilities (demonstrated or potential).
  • Other Materials:
    Provide a list work experience and internships, technical papers, research reports or other publications, courses taught as a lecturer or teaching assistant, and presentations made that may support the applicants capabilities in this field.

Contact Information

  • Phone: (301) 493-0290