Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship

Thomas J. Watson Fellowship Program

The fellowship provides summer internships and educational opportunities to promising undergraduates from a 12 New York City partner colleges.

Key Information

Eligibility Requirements

  • Age/Grade Level:
    Second-semester freshman or sophomore; Be no older than 21 years old
  • Financial Need:
    Not Mentioned
  • Other Academic Requirements:
    Have at least four semesters of full-time academic work remaining
  • Citizenship:
    Be an American citizen or green card holder
  • College:
    12 New York City partner colleges (
  • Major/Career:
    Intend to or be majoring in a liberal arts discipline
  • Other Benefits:
    Internships; Seminars; Journals; Cohort

Application Details

  • Judging Criteria:
    High Standards; Ambition; Openness; Desire to explore diverse cultures and new professional fields; Willingness to act on feedback; Leadership; Ability to work in groups; Integrity & Accountability; Strong academic record;
  • Transcript:
  • Resume/Activity List:
  • Recommendation Letters:
    Two Recommendations
  • Other Materials:
    Two 250 word essays; One 500 word essay