Sociology Education Resource Guide

Sociology is a field with a vast and stimulating scope that encompasses the study of families, organizations, races, social classes, educational opportunities and criminal history. It provides an understanding of the reasons of how and why the segments of our society function as they do, including the challenges of the social interactions that face both individuals and groups. Through this understanding, a deeper, more critical perspective evolves that aids in the formulation of effective solutions to some of the social issues that affect our society. Whether you’re a researcher, teacher or student in this field, you’re sure to find something helpful in this guide filled with more than 40 resources that include blogs, podcasts, journals, study guides and lesson plans.


General Sociology Education Resources

In this section, find links that will introduce you to professional groups, college and internship advice, the history of sociology and more.

American Sociological Association    – Founded in 1905, and based in Washington D.C., the ASA is committed to promoting and advancing sociology as one of the scientific disciplines and professions that serve the public good.

Navigating the Sociology Major – This document aids students in strategic course selection, finding value in research and internships, pursuing a career and more.

Social Science Research Council – The SRS, founded in 1923, fosters groundbreaking research, the development of new generations of social scientists and more.

The Field of Sociology – This link takes you to an “Introduction to Sociology” posted on the American Sociological Association’s website. Topics include the origins and industrialization of sociology.

International Sociological Association – Founded in 1949, and with members from over 125 countries, the goal of the International Sociological Association is to represent sociologists all over the world, no matter what their school of thought, and promote sociological thinking.


Sociology Study and Writing Resources

Whether you’re in need of a handy resource for sociological terms or you’re interested in perusing a study guide, this section has you covered.

Sociology Terms Glossary – A handy glossary of sociological terms with definitions from A to Z. While it may not include every sociological term, it’s a good start.

Critical Thinking Test in Sociology – This critical thinking test written by Venessa Keesler, Michigan State University Doctoral Student in Sociology, contains 25 questions and an answer key.

Introduction to Sociology – A free text intended for a one-semester, Sociology 101 course, which is helpful for students and instructors alike. Topics are introduced conceptually.

Test Taking Skills: Sociology – This information from Rice University gives advice on how to decode test questions, answer them, provide evidence and more.

Sociology Study Skills – Discover a study guide from Dr. Michael R. Ball, Professor of Sociology, which details the SQR3 method of study and offers other test-taking tips.

Tips for Writing Analytical Sociology Papers – Follow this link to find general tips to help you construct an analytical sociology paper for your undergraduate-level college class.

Writing within Sociology: A Guide for Undergraduates – From Oregon State University’s Department of Sociology comes this 91-page guide that offers detailed explanations about writing theory and content papers, quantitative research papers, literature review papers and more.


Sociology Teaching Resources

Whether you’re designing an introductory sociology course, looking for ready-made lesson plans or seeking relevant video clips and games, check out the links below.

American Sociological Association High School Standards – High school teachers who need guidance in designing a high-quality, age-appropriate introductory sociology course that lasts one semester are in luck. This link houses the ASA’s national standards for such courses.

ASA: Resources for Sociology Teachers – The link takes you to all the resources you need to teach a college-level sociology course. Find units, exercises and resources, an instructor’s manual and lesson plans.

High School Listserv – Share instructional ideas and best practices when teaching sociology with other high school teachers. Find full instructions for signing up when you follow the link.

Sociology Lesson Plans, Games and Activities – Discover a wealth of high-quality Sociology resources that are ready to use. Not only are there lesson plans and games, you can also find ready-made slide presentations on various sociological topics.

Mrs. Savino Mulcahy’s Website – Visit this site from sociology teacher, Nicole Savino Mulcahy for sociology videos, slide shows, articles, worksheets and more.

The Sociological Cinema – Originally started as a database of annotated clips, The Sociological Cinema is now a full-blown resource for utilizing video and popular culture as a means of sociology education.


Notable Sociologists

While there are many sociologists living and deceased, we don’t have room to include them all here. Instead, find links relating to some of the more notable sociologists in the field.

Sociology Major Figures – To get started, check out this page with brief entries on more than two dozen prominent social scientists from throughout history.

Robert K. Merton – View a synopsis of the structural-functional theories of sociologist Robert K. Merton.

Max Weber – This informative guide was created for college undergraduates, but it also serves as a well-written resource for others who are interested in Weber’s sociology.

The Durkheim Pages – These pages are dedicated to the late French sociologist, Emile Durkheim. Some of the information available includes a biography, a bibliography of Durkheim’s works, a timeline and more.

August Comte – From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy comes everything you want to know about August Comte, the founder of positivism.

Marxist Internet Archives – This link directs you to the most comprehensive Marxist library on the Web. Find content from over 300 authors.

Marxism Page – Find links to pages related to various Marxism classics such as works by Lenin and Trotsky, information on Marxist politics and more.


Sociology Blogs

Check out this list of hand-picked sociology blogs. From entertaining sociological commentary to how sociology can be used in the workplace, you’ll find a wealth of helpful information.

Everyday Sociology Blog – Enjoy reading informative, entertaining commentary from various U.S. sociologists about what’s going on in the news today.

Sociology in Focus  – This blog presents a fresh take on sociology as it relates to headline news or pop culture by maintaining a humorous, yet educational, vibe.

Montclair SocioBlog – With more than just a nod to his sociological roots, Jay Livingston blogs about things he’s been musing about, reading, observing or actually doing.

This Sociological Life – Sociologist Deborah Lupton uses this blog to explore current issues of our culture with a sociological slant.

SOC – This blog, maintained by Jon Witt, who has a Ph.D. in Sociology, is for the purpose of encouraging the practice of public and personal sociology via such things as links to sociological stories and research data.

Sociology at Work – Explore how sociology can be used in the workplace and as a force to transform current society in a positive manner.


Sociology Podcasts

No matter where your interests lie within the field of sociology, you’re sure to find one of these podcasts will intrigue or, at the very least, entertain you.

Office Hours – Interested in new research in sociology? Listen to this podcast that provides conversations and interviews over topics such as the sociology of democracy.

New Books in Sociology – Enjoy interviews with sociologists regarding their newly published books on this weekly podcast.

The Measure of Everyday Life – This weekly interview program with host Dr. Brian Southwell features social science researchers in search of improving the human condition.

Thinking Allowed  – Host Laurie Taylor discusses current thoughts on how society lives and works today.

Social Science Bites – Enjoy interviews with major players in the social science realm via this podcast series.

On Being with Krista Tippet – Hosted by Krista Tippet, this podcast addresses the “immensity of our lives” via discussions with various scientists, artists, theologians and teachers.


Sociology Journals

These open-access journals offer top-notch information regarding fresh ideas, cutting-edge research and critical insight into the world of sociology.

Socius – Find interesting ideas, discoveries and open theoretical problems that challenge the realm of social science.

Societies – This open-access journal marries the social sciences and humanities with the goal of promoting a scientific understanding of societies from ancient existence to the future.

Socjournal  – Since the beginning of 2010, Socjournal has provided commentary, columns, pedagogical resources and more to sociologists, students and others who have an interest in the intriguing field of sociological research.

Sociology Mind – This journal focuses on a critical understanding of sociological inquiry, research and innovation in the 21st century.