Microscopy Society of America (MSA) Scholarships for Undergraduate Research

Microscopy Society of America (MSA)

The scholarship was established by the Microscopy Society of America (MSA) to nurture the educational and research potential of an undergraduate student who is interested in pursuing microscopy as a career or major research tool.

Key Information

Eligibility Requirements

  • Age/Grade Level:
    Undergraduate student
  • Financial Need:
    Not Mentioned
  • Major/Career:
    Pursuing microscopy as a career or major research tool

Application Details

  • Transcript:
  • Resume/Activity List:
  • Essay:
    A brief statement of career goals.
  • Recommendation Letters:
    Two letters of reference from scientists or university faculty familiar with the applicant's capabilities. Four copies of each letter are requested, if possible; A letter from the supervisor of the laboratory in which the proposed research will be performed, confirming that the applicant and research project are acceptable. Four copies of the letter are requested; A letter of recommendation from an MSA member (may be combined with one of the letters in Items 4 or 5 above). Four copies of the letter are requested, if possible. Students are required to be sponsored by a member of MSA
  • Portfolio/Work Samples:
    An original and four copies of a research proposal not more than three pages long. It should include, at least, an introduction, a section on methods, and a description and itemization of the study's goals.
  • Other Materials:
    An original and four copies of a completed Application Form. A copy of the form is attached here. Please note that copies are not required if all materials are being submitted electronically. Submissions may be made electronically by sending an e?mail to [email protected]; An original and four copies of a budget indicating how the awarded funds will be expended. Please specify the source(s) of additional funding for instrument use, laboratory equipment, etc.

Contact Information